Scandinavian Minimalist Geometric Pendant Light

$ 70.30$ 250.61

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Product information:

Light source type: led light

Voltage: 220V

Style: Single-head no buckle 2m noodles, single-head 2 buckle 4m noodles, single-head 4 buckle 4m noodles, three-head style 15 buckle 4m noodles

Applicable places: living room, bedroom, study room, dining room, kitchen, other

Lamp shape: fishing line chandelier

Applicable people: the public

Packing list:


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Additional information

Weight 1.20 g
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 190 cm

2buckles 4meters noodles, 4buckle 4m noodles, Non buckle 2meter noodle, Three head style 15buckle 4m




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