Simple Modern Nordic Atmosphere Household Hall Lamp


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Product information :

Light source: white 42CM neutral light, white 42CM trichromatic light, white 42CM stepless dimming, white 60CM neutral light, white 60CM trichromatic light, white 60CM stepless dimming, white 90CM neutral light, white 90CM trichromatic light, white 90CM stepless dimming, white 125CM neutral light, White 125CM tricolor, white 125CM stepless dimming, black 42CM neutral, black 42CM tricolor, black 42CM stepless dimming, black 60CM neutral, black 60CM tricolor, black 60CM stepless dimming, black 90CM neutral, black 90CM tricolor, black 90CM stepless dimming, black 125CM neutral, black 125CM tricolor

Ceiling lamp type: wrought iron ceiling lamp

Voltage: 220V(V)

Average service life: 20000(h)

Type of light source: led lamp

Shape of lampshade: special shape

Irradiation area: 10m2-15m

Packing list:

Iron ceiling lamp *1

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37c4fd55 62be 46f1 a236 013d0a80273c Royalinz

Additional information

Weight 2.00 g
Dimensions 470 × 470 × 110 cm

42CM, 60CM, 90CM


Black electrodeless dimming, Black neutral light, White electrodeless dimming, White neutral light


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