LED Outdoor Flood Light

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Input voltage 220 (V)

LED lamp beads number 50

Luminous flux 4000 (LM)

Color rendering index 80

Working frequency 60 (Hz)

Shell material aluminum

Beam angle 180 (degrees)

Scope of use: living room, dining room, kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom, other

Product specifications 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W

Color temperature: white light 6000K, warm light 3000K

Power 50W

Colour: Black

Power supply mode Socket power supply
cf275916 4548 4ba7 85f5 7271621a5152 Royalinz
5b592b18 8dbe 48f7 89f1 41b1a26064a8 Royalinz
36f2c238 2629 4caa a6ea 2be833d32ea5 Royalinz
ae366514 77db 405d 86f2 45a4d0637867 Royalinz
bb109ef5 77c2 4f18 a4c5 6da18ff4fcb1 Royalinz
a55c4004 9099 456d a8f6 792d656475f2 Royalinz
e1ea6059 8d85 48b1 8846 17e94cc6c375 Royalinz
a46938b0 4156 4a94 a332 86875e27d4ca Royalinz
63db8bdc 0906 4d36 8962 8f6d3ad56514 Royalinz
42fde81a 3b15 4569 848b 585f9c8f0046 Royalinz
cb8731bd e74c 4d6e 9153 68a9641210d1 Royalinz
c3d2ecce b0e5 4054 b4bb a4086e44f3e8 Royalinz
967301ed 181a 4b44 b6dd 9932f3858aca Royalinz

Additional information

Weight 1.30 g
Dimensions 290 × 190 × 40 cm



Warm light, White light


100W, 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W


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